Outdoor Living Spaces in Dallas, TX

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    Expertly Crafted Outdoor Living Spaces in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

    Fall is one of the most popular seasons of the year. The heat of summer finally starts to fade – and it takes the mosquitoes with it. This charming change of seasons is sure to convince you to spend more time outdoors. What better way to do this than to lounge in a beautiful and cozy outdoor living space right in your backyard? You’ll be able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of fall without leaving the comforts of home behind.

    We have the expertise to build outdoor kitchens, bars, fireplaces, and living rooms to enhance your backyard! You can count on us to handle everything, including any plumbing or electrical work needed for your new living space.

    Outdoor Fireplaces

    Unlike fire pits, outdoor fireplaces have a chimney to control the smoke. With our outdoor fireplaces, the smoke goes up the chimney instead of up in everyone’s faces. There’s nothing worse than getting smoke in your eye while you’re trying to make smores, and the smell of smoke isn’t too pleasant either.

    Tan brick outdoor fireplace by patio furniture, shrubbery, and yard decor

    Outdoor Bars

    What’s more classy than an outdoor bar? I can’t think of anything. Your friends will love coming over even more with our outdoor bar designs. You’ll become the most popular party host on the block!

    Outdoor grill and sink in backyard with an outdoor kitchen

    Outdoor Kitchens

    Outdoor kitchens are great for elaborate cook-outs or dinner parties. Kitchens require a lot of plumbing, and we know the best way to provide your outdoor kitchen with efficient plumbing.

    Outdoor Living Rooms

    The living room is one of the most relaxing rooms in your house. It’s where you go to spend time with family and friends, and maybe watch a movie or play board games. When the weather is nice, it can be a drag to be stuck indoors. With an expertly designed outdoor living room, you won’t have to stay indoors to relax! We can even install a TV on the exterior of your house and handle any electrical components you need.

    Trust Futura Building Systems With All of Your Outdoor Living Needs

    We will help you with every step of your project, from design planning to building, to any permits you may need.  We’ve got you covered! Give us a call if you have any questions, and one of our experienced team members will be happy to help! Schedule your free estimate today, and get one step closer to the backyard living space of your dreams!